Declining number of bingo halls in the UK

Recent figures show that on average two bingo parlors in Britain close their doors every month. The fall in visitors is the main reason and this development could boost online bingo even more, according to the Daily Mirror.

Smoking ban

The smoking ban has a major impact on bingo parlors. Smoking bingo players used to play one-armed bandits during bingo breaks. Since the introduction of the smoking ban they go outside to smoke instead of playing slots.smoking ban

Bingo halls

Ernst & Young conducted a study that demonstrates the declining number of bingo halls in the UK. The last five years, the number of bingo parlors has dropped from 678 to 526. In the last year, 25 bingo hall closed their doors in Britain. The number of 1.000 visitors a week is a crucial level for bingo halls. Ernst & Young noted that if this level drops below 1.000 it may force many bingo halls to close their doors.

Online bingo

People with the name Susan living in Birmingham should considerate online bingo. A research by Gala Bingo shows that people named Susan who live in Birmingham were the most successful online bingo players.
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