Christmas and New Year promotions at Bingo Street

Bingo Street has launched three holiday promotions: the Noel online bingo game, the Nutty Neighbours New Year's Eve chat party and another special game to celebrate the new year. The 1,000 Noel online bingo game is scheduled for Christmas Day and kicks off at 9:30 PM. Competitors who get a full house will take home a cash prize worth £500. Two line winners receive £300 in cash, while those who take down one line bank £200.

Free cards for the Christmas game

The online bingo site stated that players can buy cards for the game on Christmas Day for only 40 pence each. Participants can also earn tickets for free when they wager on any of the games offered by Bingo Street. Competitors who collect 500 credits are rewarded one free card for the Christmas game. The online bingo domain announced that there are 8 options to collect those credits.

Collect joy points

Then there is the Nutty Neighbours New Year's Eve chat party, which promises to award double joy points. The Robyn's Cheap Quiz is packed with 30,000 joy points, while Naughty Numbers offers players to win a share of 1,000 joy points besides their bingo wins. On top of all that, the chat party (kick off at 8:00 PM) enables competitors to earn box chocolates and real cash prizes.

Prize fund worth £3,000

If all this wasn't enough, Bingo Street celebrates the new year with an exclusive game that offers a prize fund worth £3,000. Players can purchase their cards for the game at a cost of 10 pence each. Participants taking down one line will take home £500, while two line winners bank £1,000. A full house rewards £1,500 in cash.
Bingo Street
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