Celtic Casino opens their live games to multiple limits

The majority of the internet casinos are putting a ceiling on the players’ limits, while live dealer games starting to gain popularity. This has caused frustration among many micro players since they couldn’t enjoy the same live games like the large bettors.

Multiple limits

Things will change, as Celtic Casino has changed the limit structure for their live games. Bettors gambling between €10 through €500 can now play live dealer games at any time at the Celtic Casino, which is already one of the most visited casinos. Their popularity will increase by opening up their games to micro-bettors.

Celtic Casino

Opening up their live games to micro players is a brave and rigorous measure as only very few internet casinos have made their live games accessible to micro-bettors. Given the fact that they are the lifeline of the internet poker community, it’s quite astonishing that more gambling houses have not already made the same change in limit structure.

Live dealer games

Live casino gaming, up until a few years ago unknown, is the process in which internet casinos utilize live dealers to create reality casino entertainment. Celtic Casino used the unawareness directly to integrate it in its first launching in order to swiftly become a leading player in the internet casino industry.
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