Casino sites turn to female punters

Many online casino thought that the vast majority of female gamblers only played online bingo. Nowadays more and more gambling companies hire women in order to target female players.

Female punters

Researching the online gambling market has become more important for online casinos. UK Nielsen Media Research recently released results that show that 50% of the online players are female. The research concludes that online gambling is popular among women because they can gamble at home. These results demonstrate the importance of this alternative market. The huge potential proves that it’s certainly worth targeting female players.

Online casinos

Online casinos are trying to allure female players by introducing new features that target their specific needs. British gambling sites, for example, often advertise during television serial dramas. Online casinos have also created prizes that specifically focus on female customers. Furthermore, online gambling sites target their look and online games towards women. An increasing number of online casinos become aware of the importance of female punters.
female gamblers
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