Brits love online gambling

The results of the Gambling Participation survey demonstrate that UK residents have massively embraced online gambling. The Gambling Participation survey is conducted every quarter. Online gambling has not increased significantly in comparison to the third quarter in 2009. Nevertheless, online gambling remains one of the favourite pastimes of UK residents.

Gambling Participation survey

The Gambling Commission and ICM Research executed the research by phone. The survey was conducted among 7.000 participants from all layers of society. It was proved that over 50% of the British population has played at online casinos in the last four weeks.

National Lottery

Men in the age of 24 – 34 encompass the largest group of gambling Brits. Men and women aged 65 years plus are less likely to gamble online. The National Lottery is the leading online gambling form, with over 8% participating in it frequently. Other popular gambling forms are scratch cards, online sportsbook, poker and online bingo.

Mobile gambling

In addition, the Gambling Participation review showed that 2.7% of participants has gambled online through a mobile device. This demonstrates that UK residents love all forms of online gambling.
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