888 Games premieres Magical Forest 3D slot

888 Games has launched the world’s first 3D slot game. Magical Forest has been created to provide the worldwide popularity of three-dimensional entertainment. Online slot fans can play the Magical Forest game by using three-dimensional glasses. The Magical Forest 3D slot doesn’t magical forestrequire expensive three-dimensional screens or 3D game consoles.

Magical Forest

888 Games is currently the only online casino that offers the Magical Forest 3D slot game. More online gaming sites will soon add the Magical Forest 3D slot. Both newcomers and current players at 888 Games receive exclusively designed glasses.

3D slot

Itai Pazner, COO for 888 Games, commented: “We are proud to present the world’s first slot game in 3D. We are convinced that the 3D technology will be a big hit at online casinos. The Magical Forest 3D slot is the result of feedback by customers. This 3D slot is an answer to the popularity of the three-dimensional technology.”
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