Wizard of Oz slot rewards €2.21 million jackpot

Planet Hollywood has celebrated a jackpot winner of €2.21 million. The California resident had been spinning the reels of the penny slot machine for about 3 hours. Dorothy Reynolds visits Las Vegas two times a year. This time she was not only accompanied by her husband but also by her daughter, son-in-law, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

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She has always been playing slot games. Reynolds assumes that winning the jackpot on the Wizard of Oz machine has something to do with her name Dorothy. The winner will enjoy the holidays with her family. She also plans some surprising presents for her daughters and grandchildren.


Planet Hollywood officials presented Dorothy a first check for €112.222. Reynolds used the opportunity to enjoy the Wizard of Oz machine in the company of her daughter. She can choose to receive the rest of the jackpot money in a single payment. Reynolds can also prefer spread payments across the coming 10 to 20 years.

Planet Hollywood

David Hoenemeyer, general manager of Planet Hollywood, commented: “Planet Hollywood is not only inspired by the popular portrayal of Hollywood, it also produces millionaires. It’s always an amazing feeling to see our casino players win life changing cash prizes.”
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