Win a Day Casino pays out top prize of €128.081

A slot player at Win a Day Casino has cashed a progressive jackpot of €128.081. The online casino announced that it pays out its main prize, on average, every 6 – 8 weeks. The average progressive jackpot values approximately €110.000.  However, Win a Day Casino has spilled out several progressive jackpots of more than €147.000.

Win a Day Casinoreel de luxe

The lucky player’s wife selected the Reel de Luxe slot game. The winner, affectionately known as ‘John R’, stated that he signed up for an account at Win a Day Casino a few years ago. He and his wife regularly enjoy one of the online casino games at Win a Day Casino.

Reel de Luxe

‘John R’ commented: “My wife likes to shop, so obviously she loves to play the Reel de Luxe slot. Normally her passion for shopping is rather expensive but this time her pastime resulted in a massive cash prize.”

Jackpot winners

The couple plans to enjoy a luxury holiday. However, they don’t know where to go. In addition, they plan to donate some of the money to a good cause. Obviously the couple will also use the money for their future.
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