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Casinoclub refuses to pay out a €167.500 jackpot. The player in question, identified only as ‘Mike64’, hit the cash prize in 2008 after winning a royal flush progressive jackpot on a video poker slot. Casino employees told Mike64 that he could increase his winnings if he would continue to gamble with his winnings. A few weeks after his jackpot win, Casinoclub closed his account and forfeited his winnings and his €25.000 deposit.

Lotteries and Gaming Authority

Mike64 enlisted a local attorney’s services and appealed to the Lotteries and Gaming Authority. The online gambling regulator recently declared that the Maltese legislation doesn’t back him. It’s unclear if Mike64 will continue his case.

Online casinos

However, this case shows that online casinos can freely confiscate winnings and deposits. Online punters cannot challenge decisions made by gambling websites despite illegal claims or indefensible charges of swindle such as in the case of Mike64.
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