Ticket purchased at sex shop rewards £80 million jackpot

A group of family and friends have won the Powerball jackpot of £80 million. Group member Mike Greer bought the winning ticket at a sex store in Detroit. Greer claimed the Powerball jackpot, while the other members preferred to remain unidentified. He was handed over a symbolic cheque. At the same occasion, Steve Mays was presented a £88 cheque for winning the Mega Millions jackpot.

Jackpotssex shop

The state lottery had never handed over two different jackpot cheques on one day, a lottery representative stated. However, all spotlights were at Greer, who revealed that another group member bought the winning ticket. He still doesn’t know if the ticket was purchased inside the adult shop or at the walk-up lottery desk.

Sex shop

The sex shop offers a desk at its outside where punters can purchase lottery tickets. Customers can find the adult shop in the Highland Park district of Detroit. Greer only revealed that the winning group consisted of more than two members. He added that the group is very close and that all members always support each other in all kind of situations.
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