Store owner scams lottery winner

A lottery player from North Carolina has been tricked by a store owner. Lottery officials found that Parker has been using the same numbers since 2006. The store owner, Sureshbha Patel, waited a few months before he claimed the cash prize.lottery scam

Store owner

“I purchased the ticket during my holiday,” Parker noted. After she returned, she visited the convenience store to check the lottery numbers. “I was told that I had not won and therefore I didn’t check the numbers anymore.” She used the outside counter of the store, so she wasn’t able to hear the winning alarm of the lottery machine.

Lottery winner

Lottery officials scented danger as Patel waited seven months before claiming the cash prize. Parker noted that lottery officials contacted her to explain the situation. Patel was detained and lottery officials stated that Parker received the cash prize. She plans to use the money to send her two sons to college.
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