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A 48-year-old player known as Arkry222 won €1.416.290 after playing the Gold Mega Jackpot slot at Party Casino. The online gambler only wagered €1.5 on its Super Star game. The Gold Mega Jackpot was linked to the Grand Win Auto leader board promotion. Therefore, another player drove home in a new Maserati car.

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Arky222 commented: “I was gambling online and I was just about to finish things off. The TV was on and the volume on the computer was minimized. I was enjoying Super Star and suddenly these squares appeared. I hit complete and colors filled the monitor, followed by the amount I won. It was the first time in my life that I saw so many numbers. I first thought that it was an intercontinental telephone number.”

Huge jackpot

Gradually he realized what had happened. After winning the huge jackpot he could only gaze at the monitor. “I was completely confused,” Arkry222 stated.

Party Casino

“It seemed as if I was numb when I saw the missed call from Party Casino’s VIP team. That made me realize what just had happened. All week I had felt a little bit sick but the jackpot win really cheered me up. I checked my account and saw that it contained €1.416.290. I probably use the money for a holiday, a new car and a new house. The jackpot win permits me to work as a freelancer.”


The Grand Win Auto leader board promotion ran from May 6 to 19. This gambling promotion rewarded the top spot of the board a new Maserati Gran Tourismo when the Gold Mega Jackpot was won. The lucky winner could also opt for a cash equivalent.

Gold Mega Jackpot

“Until the next day I realized that the Gold Mega Jackpot win had provided another player a Maserati. I truly hope he enjoys his new car and maybe he can take me for a ride,” Arky222 added.
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