Orosi resident buys winning Super Lotto ticket

The region of Orosi has celebrated a €24 million lottery jackpot winner. Orosi is a town in California that struggles with unemployment and crime. The Super Lotto jackpot finally brings some positive news to the residents.

Super Lotto tickets

The winner, who prefers to remain anonymous, purchased two €3,75 Super Lotto tickets at the Kwik Korner store. He buys two tickets every week, according to the store clerk. The winner can claim the jackpot at the California Lottery district office in Fresno.

Orosi residentca lottery

He can opt for 26 annual payments or one lump sum payment of €14.35 million. A lot of Orosi citizens are aware of the fact that somebody from their town has won the jackpot. They only don’t know who the lucky neighbor is.

Life changing jackpot

“With the jackpot money he can buy the whole city. I would like to know how it feels to win such a life changing jackpot,” according to Gabriel Rangel, who works at ‘La Mexicana’. The winner also works at the grocery and restaurant in the centre of Orosi.
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