Oregon Lottery player hits $19.7 million jackpot

The state of Oregon has celebrated a new millionaire thanks to the Oregon Lottery. Cedar Hills-based Ed Clark scooped a $19.7 million lottery jackpot. It is the 7th biggest cash prize ever paid out in the history of the Oregon Lottery.

Life-changing jackpot

At first, Clark didn't know that he had won the life-changing jackpot. It took more than seven days before he realized he held the fortunate ticket. He verified his lottery tickets after the draw on January 30th.

Lump-sum payout of $9.85 million

Oregon LotteryThe numbers on his golden ticket first rewarded him $693 after matching 5 numbers. He won the $19.7 million jackpot, when all numbers matched up 4 draws afterward. The Cedar Hills resident opted for a lump-sum payout, resulting in 50% of the advertised cash prize. Clark received $9.85 million exclusive of all taxes.

$7 billion to state programs

The Oregon Lottery made its debut in 1985. Since then, the lottery organization has donated more than $7 billion to state programs. Lottery fans can choose from Powerball, Mega Millions, Oregon's Game, Megabucks, Raffle, Keno, Trio, Lucky Lines, Win for Life, Pick 4, Video Lottery and Scratch-its.
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