Mistaken ticket leads to $128 million jackpot

Rob Anderson, a 39-year-old car worker won the jackpot of $128 million at the Kentucky lottery. This was one of the wondering news items in the Kentucky media last week, given the fact that the lottery player bought the ticket by mistake.

Gas stationkentucky lottery

Anderson visited a gas station to purchase three $1 lottery tickets for his friends as a Christmas present, but the gas station employee by mistake ran a ticket with the three at random selected numbers on one ticket. The clerk suggested to cancel the figures and re-issue the ticket, but Anderson preferred that the gas station employee run another three $1 tickets, while he kept the ‘botched’ ticket for himself.

Kentucky lottery

“The gas station employee ran the $3 Quick Pick but he placed it all on one single ticket. This annoyed me as I wanted to by three individual tickets,” Anderson reminded this week, describing that when the gas station employee told him to cancel the ticket he preferred to retain it, ordering other Christmas stocking fillers. The doubly lucky winner left the mistaken ticket on a dresser in his bed-chamber and failed to verify the figures until after the draw, as he noticed that the mistake made by the gas station employee had provided him a huge amount of money.

Lucky couple

Anderson and his wife both work at the Toyota factory in Louisville, Kentucky and they consider to purchase a new car and go on holiday to Hawaii. The couple still has to decide if they prefer an one-off payment of the approximately $66 million after tax payment, or 30 yearly payments.
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