Miserable life after winning lottery jackpot

An £800,000 lottery jackpot has devastated Robert Moffat's life. The 51-year-old was arrested five times for driving under the influence of alcohol. He blew the money on houses, cars, travelling and jewelry. Moffat regrets winning the lottery.

Cursed jackpot

Robert MoffatHe used to work as a bartender at a local pub. "My life was uncomplicated before the fortune came into the picture. I was living a relaxed life as a barman. The jackpot turned my life upside down. I want my normal life back and get away from all the stress," Moffat stated.

Miserable life

Moffat from Denny, Stirlingshir, is now living on jobseeker's allowance. "At first, I was living a wealthy life, but if you divide £800,000 over 10 years it's not a fortune. I was running a bar, which I was forced to sell. It's very difficult to be unemployed. I would do anything for a job," he noted.

Drinking problem

Moffat took home £800,000 after his family won £3.2million in the lottery. His marriage failed due to his drinking problem. He pleaded guilty to drink driving. The drunken lottery winner took his father's Jaguar and crashed it. Moffat left the car and was arrested after a politician discovered the crashed vehicle in December 2011.
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