Melon Madness spills out $4,445,947 jackpot

The classic Melon Madness slot has produced another millionaire. A fortunate player at Party Casino took home $4,445,947 in cash after winning the Big One progressive jackpot. Party Casino recently rewarded a jackpot worth near $2 million to another punter. The lucky winner in question, affectionately known as ‘Cameeq8’, hit the Gold Mega Jackpot while playing the SuperStar slot. Party Casino unveiled that female punters banked more than $8 million last month.melon madness

Big One jackpot

Commenting her life changing jackpot she said: “It all seems very unrealistic and I need some time to realize how much I won. The jackpot already has a massive impact on my life. It feels great to be able to buy things without worrying about the money. No more worries about my mortgage and bills.”

Party Casino

The online gambling domain stated that a few hours earlier another female punter cashed more than $500,000. In addition, a few days earlier a female player banked $800,000. “This winning odyssey from female punters is without a doubt an unique one. It appears that female players have scooped all the jackpot money in May. We wonder whether this winning streak will end,” a Party Casino spokesperson commented.
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