Malaysian businessman hits record jackpot

A businessman from Malaysia visited the Sports Toto website to check the lottery draw. A Sports Toto representative said: “The winner was absolutely speechless and completely surprised. He needed his wife to confirm him his bumper win. Both the man and the woman were so overwhelmed that they weren’t able to sleep. Obviously they were excited to claim the massive jackpot from the Sports Toto head office in Malaysia’ capital.

Supreme Toto 6/58

The winner revealed that he has been an enthusiastic fan of Supreme Toto 6/58 since it was introduced in March this year. The businessman usually wagers €4.75 on the game, providing him ten opportunities to hit the jackpot. A computerized draw provided him the winning selection of numbers: 8, 11, 19, 22, 54 and 55.

Record jackpot

“The lucky man stated that he and his wife would enjoy the money, while also donating some of the money to charity. The couple would like to help other people, particularly their siblings who lack financial stability. In addition, they want to support people with severe financial problems,” the spokesman added. In August, Sports Toto celebrated two massive jackpot winners with a total value of €4.18 million.
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