Lottery winner doesn’t spent a Penny

It appears that not all lottery winners decide to spend big time on luxury goods. A British lottery winner has left his winnings in his bank account so far. Matthew Breach has not treated himself to a new car or a big house. The British man has decided to dedicate himself lotto winnerto sleeping. Breach, a former lorry driver, bought the lucky ticket together with some milk.

Lottery winner

“I’m looking for an one-bed apartment in my home town,” Breach commented. Despite his plans to travel the world, he has only submitted an application for a passport, according to a local newspaper.


“Unfortunately, Matthew can’t share his lottery jackpot with his girlfriend. They have been together for 14 years but the relationship ended a few years ago,” according to his mom, Sandra. Many newspapers portray his ex-girlfriend as the ‘unluckiest girl in the country.’
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