Jackpot City winner declines inauspicious jackpot

A Jackpot City player won a £4.444 jackpot while playing an online slot machine. The online casino needed to convince the Asian player to accept the jackpot. The Chinese player, known as Mr C, was at first pleased with his winnings. However, he became worried that the sum of money was unlucky and an ominous sign of death.

Jackpot City winner

“He called the Jackpot City customer service, rather worried about the amount he won. The winner was delighted with the jackpot. He was also concerned that the winning amount would result in misery for himself and his relatives. We never had a winner who didn’t accept the cheque for the jackpot,” Terry Maverick, spokes person for Jackpot City, commented.

Inauspicious jackpot

“The pronunciation of the English word ‘four’ means ‘death’ in the Chinese language. Additionally, the number represents bad luck in the Chinese culture. We continue to convince the player to accept the cheque as we are still looking for the best approach. However, we must take into account the Chinese culture,” Maverick added.


Punters are renowned for their superstition. There are many speculations about jackpot winners who experience misery. Nevertheless, this is probably the first time that a triumphing gambler declines the cheque for his winnings.
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