Jackpot cash to fund operation

Behar Merlaku (26) won a jackpot worth €43 million at Casino Bregenz. However, the Austrian casino refused to pay out the jackpot. They blamed the cash prize to a faulty computer chip in the one-armed bandit. Merlaku has sued the casino in order to claim the jackpot. behar merlakuHe needs the money to pay for an operation for this son Erion, who was born with a facial defect.

Jackpot to fund operation

Merlaku will do everything he can to reach a settlement from the Austrian gambling parlor. His newborn son Erion is physically disabled and needs an operation. For that reason, Merlaku had planned the jackpot money for a plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery

“My son needs an operation to give him a normal appearance. He can still have a normal life, but the plastic surgery procedure must take place while he is young. I will battle to the end to get a settlement,” Merlaku commented.
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