Irish waitress cashes in New York State Lottery

The heavy US snowstorms have rewarded an Irish waitress a €15.6 million lottery jackpot. Daly Eisel could not fly back to Ireland due to heavy storms. To kill time, she decided to buy a lottery ticket.


Eisel elected to receive the jackpot prize in one lump sum payment. She received approximately €5.76 million after taxes. The Irish citizen claimed her jackpot cash and surprised her family with an unexpected york lottery

Irish waitress

Imelda Lenehan knows Eisel and her family very well. She characterizes Eisel as a vivid and cheerful young lady who was always devoted to her family. “She has always been a beautiful young lady, very warm. For that reason, she really deserves such a massive jackpot. We all like her family.”

New York State Lottery

“After learning that I had won the jackpot I was completely shocked. I was busy with my household chores when I thought about last night’s lottery results. I had picked all the right numbers and I was absolutely astonished. After a few moments I decided to visit a friend to check if I wasn’t dreaming,” Eisel commented.
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