German jackpot winner causes fatal car accident

Jackpot winnerA German jackpot winner has made a fatal u-turn on the highway. Marco M. banked $701,066.46 in a casino and celebrated the cash prize intensely. On his way home he tried to change direction, which resulted in a fatal car crash, according to German media reports.

Fatal car accident

After winning the jackpot, Marco M. treated himself and other casino visitors to free drinks. The celebrations cost him more than $27,000, the Wiesbadener Kurier reports. On his way home he tried to make an u-turn on the highway. He crashed into another vehicle, killing the driver and seriously injuring the other passengers.

Unfortunate decision

The jackpot winner managed to free himself from his car and fled. Police officers arrested Marco M. in the German city of Frankfurt the next day. He declared he had taken the wrong route, after which he decided to make a turn. That turned out to be a rather unfortunate decision.
0 #1 Bastian 2011-11-15 07:09
How stupid to get in the car when you have drunk that much...He just won the jackpot, so he had enough money to pay the taxi!
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