Georgia Lottery favorable to Spalding County

The Georgia Lottery has paid out Fantasy 5 jackpots to two Spalding County residents. Jeanette McGill (57) scooped a jackpot of almost one million Euros. Besides a holiday, McGill and her hubby still need to decide how they will spend the jackpot money.

Georgia Lottery

Two weeks earlier, Steven Reeves (63) took home €496.431 in cash thanks to the Georgia Lottery. Reeves stated that he will buy a few cars and use the money for his mortgage. In addition, the Delta Air Lines pensioner plans to treat his family to some nice gifts.georgia lottery


Reeves woke his wife to inform her about the cash prize. His spouse responded to the news by saying: “What are you talking about?” After a few moments she was completely awake.

Fantasy 5

Five Fantasy 5 participants have to share the jackpot of €1.381.807. In the last two years, the average prize was approximately €178.350.
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