Forest Park service station sells €13.88 million Powerball ticket

The Powerball lottery has awarded its €13.88 million jackpot to an Oak Park family. All five members of the family prefer to remain anonymous. They purchased the lucky ticket at a service station in Forest Park. The family prefers to be named ‘the Shim partnership’. The Illinois Lottery revealed that the family has to share the €27.77 million jackpot with another jackpot winner.

Powerball ticket

The Oak Park-based family purchased the ticket just before enjoying a family holiday. The parents don’t play the lottery very often, a Powerball spokesperson commented. They won the lottery jackpot on their son’s birthday. Obviously, they were overwhelmed when discovering the winning combination on their son’s cell phone.


Powerball revealed that the winning ticket featured the numbers 1, 8, 10, 19 and 20, with a Powerball number of 23. The Shim partnership chose the lump sum payment. Tracy Owens, spokesperson for Powerball, noted: “The family receives approximately €5.03 million after tax deductions.”

Forest Park service station

The service station in Forest Park, Thornton's, receives a bonus of €138.457 for providing the lucky ticket. The American lottery game made its debut in 1988. On February 3, Powerball celebrates its first drawing. The lottery is available in 44 jurisdictions as a shared jackpot game.
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