Dumped sleepyhead gets consolation prize

Nobody likes to get dumped but a lottery prize of €20.52 million makes up for a lot. Kerry (31) left her boyfriend, Matthew Breach (37), as he couldn’t satisfy her sexual needs. Their relationship lasted fourteen years. Kerry found a new boyfriend with whom she has a baby.


She also dumped Breach for being a sleepyhead. He acknowledged that sleeping is one of his passions. Breach still needs to determine what he will do with the jackpot cash. He has started dating but he isn’t desperate. “It would be nice to find another girl. On the other hand, I sleepyheadalso like being single.”

Consolation prize

One of Breach’s friend commented: “Kerry has become the unluckiest person in the UK. They managed to overcome hard moments and their breakup was difficult. However, Matthew got a ‘nice’ consolation prize.”


Kerry texted her ex-boyfriend to congratulate him with the massive jackpot. “We are still friends. Our relationship just wasn’t the same anymore. Maybe she regrets our breakup after I won the lottery,” Breach commented. He plans to use some of the cash to help other people.
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