Convenience store clerk wins €194.67 million

Store clerk Chris Shaw won €194.67 million after buying the winning scratch-off lotto ticket. He purchased the €3,75 ticket at the convenience store where he works. Despite his multi-million prize he won’t give up his day job at the Break Time convenience store. The 29-year old men has Disney World plans.

Lotto ticket

Jackie Maxwell, general manager of the convenience store chain, was actually excited with the massive jackpot. Maxwell is obviously pleased for the store clerk but the news is also a great incentive for other Powerball players. The manager hopes that the jackpot encourages players to buy more jackpot tickets at the lucky convenience store.

Powerball jackpot

The 29-year old tattooed father of three had been playing Powerball for quite some time. He only managed to win approximately €60. The jackpot doesn’t completely shake up his life as he probably continues his job at the Break Time store. The store clerk commented that he plans to spend more time with his children. Shaw probably takes payments instead of the lump sum.

Break Time branch

The Break Time branch receives €37.727 for providing the winning ticket. The winnings result in approximately €4.53 million in state income taxes in case of a lump-sum payment.

Convenience store clerk

Shaw’s  girlfriend could not believe the news when he informed her about his winnings. The multi-million prize enables Shaw to give his children more toys. Due to his poor pay he wasn’t able to buy his kids a lot of toys. With any luck the malediction will not strike the admirable millionaire.
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