Construction worker cashes $200.000 in lottery

A $200.000 lottery winner plans to buy himself a modest house. The construction worker stated that he will save the rest of the money. The convenience store where he bought the winning ticket seems to bring lucky. In 2006, the Wildwood Convenience Store sold a Powerball ticket that rewarded $600,000. Two years later, the store celebrated an $800,000 winner.emerald green7s

Emerald Green 7s

The lucky winner, identified only as ‘Delk’ (54), revealed that it was the first time that he had played Emerald Green 7s. Delk normally plays Cash Blowout. There weren’t any Cash Blowout tickets available and therefore he bought Emerald Green 7s tickets.

Construction worker

He received a check worth $136,000, after taxes. “It will not have a big impact on my life. Money doesn’t change who I am. I will buy another house and I plan to put the rest of the money in the bank. I am a humble person and I like my simple life,” Delk commented.
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