Casino pays out jackpot won with another gambler’s credits

Adelaide CasinoCecilia Cubillo has intensely celebrated the new year after Adelaide Casino finally awarded the jackpot that she won 18 months ago. She took home $106,830 in cash while spinning the reels of a poker machine at the gambling parlor. However, she won the jackpot with an one-Dollar credit that another punter had left.

Using another gambler's credits

Adelaide Casino refused to pay out the jackpot in order to prevent that it would violate government regulations. It's prohibited to win money with credits left by another gambler. The government tries to encourage punters to leave the gambling machine now and then while preserving their seat at the one-armed bandit.

The end justifies the mean

"We are all excited that the casino eventually granted the jackpot. It's curious how she won the jackpot but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter. Cecilia is obviously relieved after the casino finally decided to pay out the jackpot," one of Cubillo's friends commented.
0 #1 Derek 2012-01-11 15:07
Then you must be very lucky, that with only 1 dollar you win more than 100.000 dollar. I will never leave some extra money in the poker machine!
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