Big online casino jackpot rewards happy retirement

Everybody likes to retire early, but not many people working as a hospital caretaker are able to do this. The 72-year old Albert can now enjoy an early retirement after winning online a big jackpot. The hospital caretaker has been working his daily night shifts at the hospital in the past 19 years. Albert has been saving all his money for many years in order to enjoy a retirement at the age of 65. Sadly, extensive medical bills slashed all his savings. For that reason, he needed to continue his work at the hospital.

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He has been playing online slot games and buying lottery tickets for many years in order to enjoy an early retirement. Recently he got lucky. Four weeks before turning 73, he placed a €14,63 bet at the Casino website. Albert managed to convert this bet into €1.462,85. Three weeks later, he hit a €69.029,41 jackpot while enjoying online slot games during one of his breaks at the hospital.

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“I was thankful that I could continue my work at the hospital. I plan to enjoy a conservative retirement at home with my dog, Barbie.” The big online casino jackpot enables him to call it a day now.
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