Young Britton enjoys daddy’s money

A 21-year-old Britton spent €27.594 in only three months. He managed to access a check book for his fathers engineering company, according to the Greenock Sheriffs Court. Blair Robertson confessed that he copied his fathers signature, which enabled him to do some serious spending. He went on several holidays, bought a car and enjoined a lot of online poker action.

Online poker

Robertson commented: “It was really foolish. I was only enjoying myself. I took various holidays and purchased a car. I explained to my father that I bought the car on the installment plan. I owned 17 casino cards and participated in online poker games. I wagered €1.104 at a time. I gambled away the majority of the money within three months.”


The youngster copied 10 cheques in all, converting them into cash in Gourock. “After I found a cheque book for my father’s engineering firm I started to copy cheques. I assumed that nobody would miss the money. It was obviously a major blow for my parents,” Robertson added.

Community service

The 21-year-old was lucky that he escaped detention. He faces 150 hours of community service. His father now owns the car while Blair tries to pay off the car by performing household chores.
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