Watch Michael Jackson’s hair become a roulette ball (formerly is delighted to announce that, as promised, we have transformed Michael Jackson’s hair into a roulette ball. And as a special treat for the King of Pop’s fans, we’ve released a ‘making-of’ video showing every step of its creation.

A fitting tribute to a legend

When we purchased the hair back in December (when our site was still known as, we did so in order to create a lasting tribute to MJ. Now you can follow every step of its transformation in our exclusive ‘Making-Of’ video.

All the action on video

The video was filmed on location at the secret manufacturing facilities where this one-of-a-kind roulette ball was created, and offers you the chance to follow every step of the manufacturing process.

From the moment the hair is first enclosed in the ball to the finishing touches being added to it, our video captures everything. Alongside the footage itself, expert commentary from’s Kim O’Neill explains all the key happenings throughout.

Ready to rock and ‘roll’

Our plans for the roulette ball will be revealed in due course. In the meantime, enjoy the video!
+3 #19 jimm 2012-06-04 06:21
:P :P spending so much money on mj's hair and then, of all things, you put it in a roulette ball? :D
+2 #18 cheryl fischer 2012-06-03 19:17
:-x This the dumbest thing I've ever heard of Whatever made you come up with this???
+1 #17 ann 2012-06-03 10:55
you guys are weird but I like it!
+1 #16 sonal 2012-06-03 03:25
0 #15 CloudofWitnesses 2012-06-02 22:04
Anything for money.
+1 #14 brnz 2012-06-02 07:17
wow what a crazy video :lol:
0 #13 jlynn 2012-06-02 03:19
Sickos. Disgusting and exploitative. Using something from MJ's body, collected from a hotel room by other sickos who I would imagine probably have a fine collection of assorted goodies from celebrities... snotty tissues, toenail clippings........ Then to put a spin (no pun intended) on it as if it's a good thing. No class.
0 #12 Drema 2012-06-02 02:29
:o This is really disturbing to try to put MJ's name out there to draw attention to your website! Just exactly, who sold this hair to these people and this is DISGUSTING and not a tribute at all! It isn't as though once this is mixed with other balls it will be standing out...SMH :sad:
+1 #11 LibelFreeZone 2012-06-01 18:37
What an idiotic "tribute" ostensibly as a "treat" to fans.

BOC is downright weird.
0 #10 lin 2012-06-01 05:47
just dont take this too seriously, it is not that bad
0 #9 k-shoey 2012-05-31 17:54
I think thats SAD!!! To me its like makeing fun of someone (MJ)of the FREAKEN accident.. SHAMEFUL!!! HIS POOR CHILDREN.
0 #8 Jack Mason - BOC 2012-05-31 15:57
We appreciate your concern Ace. We understand that the video is controversial but we do not intend to insult anyone with it.
0 #7 Ace Greene 2012-05-31 14:51
You should be ashamed of yourselves. This is no tribute to ANYONE, it is only a ploy for attention. You do realize he has children? Would you want the same for yourself? Unbelievably insulting.
0 #6 LizZ 2012-05-31 12:12
why a roulette ball??
+3 #5 ALe 2012-05-30 17:04
This is SICK
+1 #4 jj 2012-05-30 16:40
i liked his video clips better than this but ok
0 #3 Jack Son 2012-05-30 14:49
Is that Latoya in the video :lol:
+1 #2 imd 2012-05-30 13:25
+1 #1 davey 2012-05-30 07:55
not sure if i can agree if it is a fitting tribute but the video sure is funny :-)
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