Vegas gamblers cut spending

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority has conducted a visitor profile research. This demonstrates that the average gambler spent €328 per visit in 2009. In 2008, the average gambler budgeted €363, and €379 in 2007. Big-spending attends of conventions and business meetings cover only 9% of Las Vegas visitors last year, in comparison to 12% in the preceding year.

Hotel expenditure

The mean hotel expenditure per night dropped 25% in the yearly comparison to about €52. The average cost of a tour package was down 14% in 2009 year in the yearly comparison, with €437 in 2008.

Las Vegas

The latest research was conducted by GLS Research that interviewed 3.600 Vegas visitors. 15% of that population visited friends or relatives, in comparison to 11% in 2008. This group would spend less than the people that are specifically in Las Vegas to gamble or to attend conferences, the research concluded.


40% of the respondents visited Las Vegas for a holiday, while 13% stated that gambling was their main purpose. 83% of the visitors gambled during their stay in the city last year, which is the lowest percentage in five years, in comparison to 85% in the previous year. Spectators at shows dropped by 8% in the yearly comparison to 64%.

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