Useless fight against online gambling

Some countries have recognized that online casinos are inevitable and just another pastime. For that reason, there is no point in stopping the online casino industry. These nations have decided to facilitate the online gambling industry. Nevertheless, there are also countries that don’t acknowledge online gambling as a legal pastime. These nations try to ban, block and filter online casinos. They also institute gambling monopolies. There are even countries that penalize online gambling. The fact is that all these measures fail to successfully reduce online gambling.

Online gambling

Actually, there aren’t effective ways to fight online gambling. Online gamblers can always move to foreign online casinos. Many nations have acknowledged online gambling as a legal pastime. They now profit from a regulated market with effective protection. The new gambling taxes result in extra revenue streams for the government. The US ineffectively blocked financial transactions with offshore online gambling sites. Australia is trying to install extensive censorship and ISP filtering measures. Obviously, this is in violation of internet freedom.

Useless fight

Besides the US and Australia, there are more similar cases. China also tries to censor the internet. This is likely to succeed due to the stringent control by the Chinese government. Furthermore, there are several EU nations that are infringing European Union policies. They prefer to preserve the monopolies and to keep foreign websites out of the domestic market. It’s astonishing that these nations don’t acknowledge that online gambling is a major pastime. All attempts to block and ban online casinos really are useless.
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