Strongly wanted French gambling licenses

The legalized online gambling market in France is popular among overseas gambling firms. They struggle to become licensed as soon as possible. The new French internet gambling laws have been on the brink of adoption for months. Approval by the European Union forms the last obstacle. Overseas online casinos and gambling websites can fully operate at the French gambling market after approval by the EU. At the start of 2010, a number of leading gambling groups revealed their plans to enter the French online casino market.

Legalized online casino market

Thirty online gambling and betting groups have applied for a French license. France plans to issue only a selected number of licenses, which makes the licenses strongly wanted. Gambling groups without a license face problems to compete with licensed gambling groups.

French online gambling market

France has a very interesting online casino market due to its value of more than a billion Euros. The new regulations enable French licensed gambling companies to obtain a much larger piece of the market. Furthermore, licensing foreign online casinos is very lucrative for France. Internet casinos pay licensing fees up front alongside several high taxes that result from the newly approved laws.
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