South Africa cuts their own throat

South Africa is preparing for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which will be held this summer. The casinos and the government have been working hard to be ready for this major event. However, the South African government seems to have forgotten the internet casino betting market. Land-based gambling has been regulated but the government has postponed all efforts to authorize a full and legalized internet casino betting industry. Legitimate firms are not prepared to miss out all the online gambling and betting action. They seriously consider to enter the South African market illegally.

South Afsouthafrica flagrican government

Internet casinos have been authorized to operate on the market. The problem is that the procedure regarding regulating and licensing has been postponed. Without a doubt, the World Cup will result in a great number of internet gambling transactions. For that reason, the postponement by the government doesn’t make any sense. The Minister of Trade and Industry failed to pass the regulations that would lead to a legalized and regulated online gambling market.

Black market for internet gambling

Obviously, this missed opportunity boosts the increasing South African black market for internet gambling. Numerous betting firms declared that they were prepared to comply with the South African regulatory and await the expected regulation. As the online gambling market has not been regulated, betting firms are introducing illegal gambling websites. With these illegal attempts they hope to be ready in time before the important football tournament.
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