RM Royal Media reveals Burraco

RM Royal Media has launched a new online rummy game. Burraco is a popular card game that is known as Canasta in Latin America. In Italy only poker is more popular than Burraco. This rummy card game can be played by four players in fixed partnerships. Burraco features a double pack of 108 cards, including four jokers; the jokers and twos represent wild cards. Burraco is all about creating melds of 7 cards of the same rank in order to win the game.

Online rummy game

The new online rummy game is now part of RM Royal Media’s games portfolio. This portfolio covers a wide range of games like Gin rummy, Oklahoma, Rummy 500, Kalooki 40/51 (Scala 40), Turk Rummy (Okey) and Traditional Rummy.
RM Royal Media offers Burraco as a download edition, a flash version and a social network edition.

RM Royal Media

“RM Royal Media has demonstrated in the last three years that rummy is a sovereign market. Our rummy network features rummy games like 32RedRummy, RummyExpress and Offsidebet. Italian games supplier Microgame has teamed up with RM Royal Media,” a RM Royal Media spokesman commented.
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