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Everybody is familiar with lottery winners wearing masks or paper bags over their heads. Italian lottery winners also prefer to remain unidentified. Italian media report that organized crime groups managed to collect the personal data of several lottery winners. The crime clan then blackmailed the winners to hand over the prize money.


It concerned approximately 30 winners of the well-loved SuperEnalotto in the last 30 months. About €33 million in prize money has been extorted. SuperEnalotto tickets and tickets for other lotteries can be bought online.

Online Casino Reports

Online Casino Reports offers a new lottery service and provides an extensive list of lotteries from all parts of the world. This list features Italian lotteries, the Australian Powerball Lotto, the Canadian BC 49, the American Mega Millions and many more. Additionally, Online Casino Reports provides a list of lottery platforms that offer tickets.

Online lotteries

Online lotteries provide secure, unidentified and sophisticated lottery fun. Online players and lottery enthusiasts can also enjoy a range of foreign lotteries. They can buy tickets completely safe and register and subscribe several weeks in advance. Lottery players who play online catch up all draws and certainly won’t have to fear organized crime.
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