Partnership between Unibet and Bingo

Bingo.Com Ltd. will partner with the Unibet bingo and casino network bringing with it a database of almost two million registered players.
Bingo.Com Ltd. players in combination with the gaming liquidity on the Unitbet websites Mariabingo and should result in one of the leading global internet bingo systems.

Bingo.Com Ltd

Tarrnie Williams, the Bingo.Com, Ltd. chief executive officer, commented: “The partnership is an important step in the growth of Bingo.Com Ltd. The cooperation with Unibet enables us to enhance the value of its global traffic as it is available in 10 currencies and 20 languages. Bingo.Com Ltd. will also reduce costs in finance, customer service, technology and other divisions that are part of the Unibet network. Bingo.Com Ltd. in cooperation with Unibet, should contribute to the growth of internet bingo in the many countries where bingo is a popular game.”


Petter Nylander, chief executive officer of Unibet stated: “Partnering with Bingo.Com Ltd., one of the leading bingo brands, is clearly a milestone for us. It proves that we truly offer a top-class network that really meets the local demand. We are excited to jointly expand our activities on current and new markets.”

Internet gaming platform

Unibet has created an internet gaming platform that provides partners the opportunity to join a casino and bingo network, which is based on the number one software, social media options and every other feature required to provide a ready-to-use gaming product.
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