Nordic Gaming Group teams up with Moneybookers

Online gaming company Nordic Gaming Group (NGG) has teamed up with online payment provider Moneybookers. Nordic Gaming Group affiliates receive a turnover share from new Moneybookers referrals. Every player deposit rewards affiliates 30% of Moneybookers’ turnover in the initial three months. After the initial three months affiliates receive 20%.


NGG affiliates gain twice on their referrals. Affiliates receive a turnover share from Moneybookers on deposits to Nordic Gaming and other online services like Skype. The Moneybookers turnover share is rewarded every day.

Nordic Gaming Group

Shaun O’Neill, the Nordic Gaming Group affiliate manager, commented: “This is a crucial step. NGG is one of the first companies to provide this offer. Without a doubt we are the first to provide our core markets this deal.”

Affiliate scheme

The Moneybookers affiliate scheme is part of the new partnership contract. Moneybookers and merchants jointly increase the turnover share for affiliates for the kind of exposure that they can offer. Affiliates can also profit from other benefits. They receive Nordic Gaming Group commissions in their Moneybookers account. Affiliates can instantly access their account through automated teller machines and POS terminals.

Nordic Gaming Group affiliate scheme

O’Neill believes that the agreement boosts Nordic Gaming Group’s successful affiliate scheme. “It provides us an unique opportunity to add new affiliates. The deal stimulates our current affiliates to make even more NGG referrals.”


All three parties profit from the new deal, boosting turnover for affiliates. The arrangement stimulates affiliates to refer more players towards Nordic Gaming Group and Moneybookers services.
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