Nigerians fraudsters face serious charges

Four Nigerians fraudsters have been arrested and are facing charges in the US. The fraudsters are accused for illegal online swindle and counterfeiting activities. The West-African country is linked with illegal online operations. The four men lived in New York City and were detained for allegedly operating a fraudulent email lottery. This scam affected online gamblers from all over the world. They managed to gain over €1.53 million. The four swindlers now face several severe charges.

Email lottery

Two of the four Nigerians have been accused without bail to prevent that they escape to another country. One of the fraudsters used a straight forward email method to deceive innocent online players for more than €1.53 million. Surprisingly enough they only needed around 35 online players to collect the money.

Online gambling

This online fraud is exactly the reason why online gambling has a bad reputation. An online lottery is associated with online casinos despite the fact that the fraudsters were not operating an online gambling site.

Online fraud

Two of other four men detained need to wait before they face court charges. One Nigerian was taken to a hospital immediately after he was detained. The other men was detained in Tennessee and he faces charges in Brooklyn.
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