New French regulations authorized

Finally the French government has fully approved the new legislation that will make internet gambling legal in France for offshore gambling websites. The whole process took more than one year. This new French legislation was planned to be implemented on January 1th of this year. Approving the regulations took a bit longer. French authorities have fully passed through the new internet gambling legislation. It was the final internal step for the French legislation. The European Commission will now review the French legislation. The EC will probably pass through the French polices by the end of April.

State monopoly

Formal French licensing of offshore gambling firms could start as of June. France has been running a state monopoly for many years. However, the Human Rights Country intents to more closely obey the EU policies concerning free trading of goods and services between EU member-states. For that reason, France tries to create a more liberated internet gambling market.

Internet gambling legislation

There are many gambling firms that support the approval of the French legislation by the National Assembly. Nevertheless, other firms believe that the French policies still favor French licensed gambling websites over foreign internet casinos. The EC will thoroughly examine all of the complaints before signing off the new French legislation.
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