Naivety leads to $6,160 loss

A Malaysian citizen has been scammed by a swindler. The Indonesian woman said that she couldn’t claim the Malaysian lottery jackpot. Police reported that the Indonesian woman claimed $6,160 and told a sad story about her pregnant sister.


The swindler promised to give the money back after claiming the lottery jackpot. After waiting a few hours, the Malaysian housewife knew that she had been scammed. She decided to inform the police about the incident.lottery scam

Lottery scam

“We released notifications about lottery scams in Malaysia after several incidents in the past. People should be cautious when they are contacted by lottery winners,” a police chief commented.

Oil palm estate

Recently, police arrested 6 Elmina oil palm estate employees. They allegedly stole oil palm fruits with a total value of $1,330. The suspects, in the age of 30 – 40, are accused of stealing fruits from the oil palm estate in Malaysia.
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