More support for regulated online gambling in Germany

Germany continues to ignore the demands by the European Commission for a more liberated and open gambling market. Germany still protects its online gambling and betting market. The state monopoly continues its gambling activities in Germany. The 2006 German Interstate Gambling Treaty gained a lot of media attention. Things started to heat up when the government put into effect the blocks and bans in 2009.

Regulated online gambling

Initially all German states agreed to respect the Gambling Treaty. They now regret the lost revenues. They also claim a safer and more competitive gambling market that permits foreign competition. A number of German states have recently initiated new gambling legislation. It appears that they get support from the Bundesliga and the Olympic Sports Federation.

Online gambling Germany

The German government is forced to consider a liberated and legalized online gambling and betting market. It’s not likely that the German situation will change soon. However, there are hopes for positive changes after the strong requests by the influential sport associations. The German online betting market is dominated by the monopoly. This results in non-competitive betting odds. Additionally, the small pool of gamblers who bet on important sports events and games creates less excitement due to a lack of competition.

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A more varied an regulated market would also increase safety. Furthermore, it would decrease the threat of corruption in the sports industry. Both facts truly support the claim for a regulated online gambling and betting market.
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