Lottery winner waits 2 months before claiming prize

A lottery progressive jackpot would normally be the vital symbol of good luck for most people. A Taiwanese national lottery winner felt not quite the same. She feared that the jackpot would result in woeful experiences such as in other cases she read about. For that reason, the citizen of Taipei City waited almost eight weeks before claiming her prize.

Progressive jackpot

The Taiwanese woman won a lottery progressive jackpot of €11.33 million on April 8. The Taiwan Lottery commission stated that a single winner in the largest city of Taiwan had won the huge jackpot. Nevertheless, this announcement provided the ticket buyer an enormous shock. She experienced a blackout for over 10 minutes after she found out the news. The winner  wasn’t able to sleep that night after learning that she had won. The next days she read a few articles about multi-million lottery winners who suffered dreadful experiences after their winnings.

Lottery prize

In the end, the woman and her partner agreed to claim the jackpot money. Claiming the prize after waiting almost two months after the raffle was without a doubt a record in Taiwan. The woman received €9.07 million after paying taxes. She announced that €23.604 would be donated immediately to charity.
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