Jailed couple nicked GBP 7 million from University of Birmingham

A couple who nicked approximately GBP 7 million from a university subsidiary firm has been imprisoned. Birmingham citizen Christine Eggleton (51) and Paul Sadler (50) of Worcester were imprisoned for two and six years respectively, for robbery and swindle.

The couple worked at the subsidiary company of the University of Birmingham: Birmingham Research and Development Ltd. Managing director Paul Sadler suffered from a ‘pathological’ gambling custom, the Birmingham Crown Court heard. Eggleton from Farren Road was employed as an accountant at the university’s subsidiary firm.


In ten years, Sadler spent GBP 2 million at a casino, judge Patrick Thomas QC heard. The court was also informed about rising distrust regarding the couple’s activities when the managing director went on a holiday with a mistress. Both Eggleton and Sadler confessed the collusion to deceive, while they admitted one robbery at a previous hearing.

Fundamental breach of confidence

Sadler, of London Road, confessed stealing GBP 4.999.516 over a period of 10 years, while Eggleton confessed stealing GBP 2.085.539. The judge defined the swindle as a fundamental breach of confidence. “It was an easy and simple swindle as we only had to fabricate invoices and all people that we knew trusted us to operate accurately. The criminal justice system would be one big joke if people could take millions without getting caught,” he commented. Afterward civil action has reclaimed GBP 800.000 from Sadler and GBP 1.400.000 from Eggleton.
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