Italian police cracks down illegal lottery

Three men have been arrested on suspicion of illegal gambling activities. Undercover deputies bought illegal lotto tickets from one of the suspects. Ismith Audige (42) sold the illegal lottery tickets. Police officers also arrested Carlo Joubert (31). The illegal gambling operation took place in Joubert’s name.illegal lottery

Lottery tickets

Detectives found betting ledgers, check sheets and fake lottery tickets. A third suspect, Milot Joseph (39), tried to flee. However, police officers managed to arrest Joseph. He carried illegal gambling tickets and more than $4,000 in cash. Detectives searched his car where they found $1,800 in cash and betting ledgers.

Illegal gambling activities

Milot led the illegal gambling operation. In addition, police officials seized printers and computers that were used to produce betting ledgers. The three men are accused of involvement in illegal gambling activities.
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