Indonesia fully focused on banning online gambling

The Indonesian government is really trying to exorcise online gambling in the Southeast Asian country. Indonesia seems to ignore all World Cup betting action that is set to overflow online casinos. The World Cup matches truly dominate this year’s sporting calendar. Additionally, they create a flood of gambling action. However, online gambling is strictly prohibited in Indonesia. The Indonesian government increases control on all internet activities in the nation. Indonesian officials particularly target all websites that enable online gambling by avoiding blocks and bans. The severe crackdown really discourages Indonesian punters to gamble online.

Facebook online gambling and betting

Indonesian authorities especially monitor Facebook due to the link on its website with online gambling. All Facebook applications with regard to online gambling and betting don’t involve real money. Nevertheless, the Indonesian government closely monitors Facebook to prevent that they are applied as a disguise for legitimate betting.

Online casinos Indonesia

The Indonesian police is really eager and operates effectively. In May, the arrest of an Indonesian individual gained a lot of media attention. This implicates that Indonesia really aims on banning illegal internet gambling. The arrested Indonesian citizen is accused of illegally running two online gambling websites aimed on Indonesian gamblers.

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