Ignoring free trade policies

The call for an unambiguous standpoint on the internet casino gambling business in the EU becomes gradually more complicated for representatives as they struggle with countries that completely ignore the requirements of an liberated European Union market.
For a long time, the European Commission has stated that it is authorized to oblige non-compliant European Union countries to comply with the free trade agreements with regard to internet casinos. Approximately twelve nations categorically ignore the free trade policy. Paulo Mengozzi, advocate general at the European Court of Justice, has confirmed that it’s complicated to force the nations to liberate their markets.

Open gambling market

Mengozzi seems to support an open gambling market as he shares the Commission’s standpoint regarding internet casino’s, that the European Union should be a fully liberated market for free and fair trade transactions. However, the recent Mengozzi remarks implicate some compassion for the nations with gambling monopolies, which are used by member states to maintain their monopolies and to resist offshore gambling companies.

Internet casino laws

For about three years, the European Commission has been strongly pressing for a complete opening of the European Union market; numerous European Union countries have obeyed the EU Commission and liberated their markets in recent times. Other EU countries wait for the European Court of Justice to oblige them to change their protectionist internet casino laws and limitations.
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