Gambling finally approved in Sri Lanka

The main reason for legalizing gambling is beacause of the increasing tourism. For years several civil wars have been raged, but since last year there is political stability. This caused an increase of 50 % of holidaymakers and also the economy is on his way up.

Casino entertainment

Sri LankaBut in order to attract more tourists, there is need for more entertainment. Sri Lanka is on that score already catching up. And with the advent of casinos Sri Lanka seems to turn up as a tourist country. In particular people whit money should come off to the casinos.

The advent of casinos

There are some caveats. Casinos must have a license and casinos come on designated areas. These gambling houses are built by companies from Singapore. In 2012 everything will be ready.

Gambling opponents

There are also opponents of this law. They argue that gambling leads to more prostitution and that the casinos are going to act as a brothel.
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